How Farm House Bake Shop began...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies so she asked her mother for permission. Her mother gathered the ingredients and found the family favorite recipe to share with her. The little girl began to combine ingredients; flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, salt. Once every teaspoon and cup were added, she formed the cookies and put them in the oven. Ten minutes later, she pulled them from the oven and waited patiently for them to be cool enough to taste. Finally, it was time to taste them. She piled a few on a plate to share with her mother and brothers, and they each bit into them. Ew! Something was terribly wrong and it showed on each of their faces. Her mother asked "How much salt did you put in these?" The daughter proudly replied "One TABLESPOON, just like the recipe said!" Well, I'm sure you can understand how easy it is to make a little mistake like that when it's your first baking experience. That little girl was me, and now I know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

My name is Marilyn Lott, and over the years, I have continued to develop a love of baking and being in the kitchen. I've had amazing examples of terrific cooks and bakers to look up to, from my own mother who taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies the right way, to my mother-in-law who has shared with me the secrets to making a delicious apple pie, to my many aunts who have perfected the art of baking and presentation.


My love of baking has brought me to this place where I hope to share these home baked treats, made with real ingredients like butter and heavy cream, with you and your family.

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