Do you take custom orders?

As my Cupcake of the Month Club has now grown to 400+ customers, and eleven delivery days per month, I no longer am able to take special/custom orders, and am no longer doing weddings or special events. I am happy to offer referrals to other talented cake artists. Just email me at for those referrals.

When does delivery happen?

Monthly cupcake delivery happens depending on where you live. I send out monthly emails with delivery dates, as well as post them here on the home page. I also announce them on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I have 11 delivery days each month, and they are divided as follows:

• North Pasco - (north of Argent and east of rd 68)

• South Pasco - (south of Argent and east of Rd 100)

• West Pasco - (west of rd 68 and north of Argent, plus everything west of rd 100)

• East Kennewick (everything east of hwy 395)

• West Kennewick (everything west of hwy 395)

• South Kennewick (includes everyone who lives in the South Badger area: west of Leslie, south of Meadow Hills Dr all the way down to East Badger Rd and all the way west to the Dallas Rd area.)

• Kennewick/Richland Businesses

• South Richland (includes everything from Columbia Park Trail and west of Steptoe south to Westcliff Heights)

• North Richland (includes everything north of I-182 and east of Queensgate)

• West Richland/Benton City (from Queensgate east to Benton City)

• Burbank (this is the community where we live and farm blueberries/apples ♥)

What happens if I'm out of town during delivery?

In the monthly emails, there is important information about all of the details pertaining to delivery, including what options you have if you are out of town during delivery. Options are to switch to one of my other delivery days in the month, double boxes the next month, or have your cupcakes delivered to a friend or family member to share a bit of cupcake love ♥

I would like more than two cupcakes a month, can I do that?

Absolutely! You can purchase additional boxes on a month by month basis if a flavor looks especially delicious to you. Extra boxes are just $5 each and payment is due at delivery. If you would like a standing order of extra boxes each month so that everyone in the family gets a cupcake, then it is just $5 per box for the duration of the membership. For example, if you want 4 cupcakes every month of your 12 month membership, then you would be charged for the $70 membership plus $60 for the 12 months of extra boxes.

I don't live in your delivery area, can I still join the club?

Yes! I have a few members who live outside of the Tri-Cities, such as Connell, Prosser, Paterson, etc. Those customers meet me in town on my designated delivery days and it has worked out really well. My deliveries happen in the afternoon/evenings between 3-8:00pm, so if you can meet me in Pasco, Kennewick, or Richland during that time frame, then we can make it work!

I currently do not offer shipping, so Cupcake of the Month Club members need to live within 50 miles of the Tri-Cities, and be willing to travel to meet me on one of my designated delivery days.

How will I know what time my cupcakes will be delivered?

Great Question! The day before delivery, and once I have my delivery schedule finalized, I text each of my members an approximate delivery time. I give an hour window of when I expect to be at your place. I try very hard to stick to that schedule and deliver within that time frame, but sometimes my schedule gets wonky and I'll be running behind if I get stuck in construction traffic, or have a wrong address, get a flat tire, or witness someone get hit by a car (all of those scenarios have happened to me!) I appreciate the patience and understanding of my customers when the schedule doesn't go exactly as planned.

During the cooler months, cupcakes can be left on the doorstep if no one is home, but during the hot summer months (or if your neighborhood has roaming dogs that will steal cupcakes off your doorstep... which has also happened!), I ask customers to leave a cooler with a ziploc of ice or frozen water bottle in it to keep cupcakes fresh. I will place the box of cupcakes in the cooler and they will be waiting for you when you arrive home.

How can I earn FREE cupcakes?

I love referrals and have a really fun Referral Rewards Program which allows members to earn up to three FREE months of cupcakes added to their membership. When someone you refer joins the club, I will add another month to the end of your membership. Yay for FREE cupcakes!

Can I order other treats like pies and cookies to be delivered with my monthly cupcakes?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I am a small business and bake in my home. I bake everything myself and then package it up and begin deliveries. I start early and begin baking around 5am, then once everything is baked and frosted, I package it all up and begin deliveries around 1pm. Baking/Delivery days are a crazy, whirlwind process and there isn't any time to bake other treats on those days.

How will I know when my membership ends?

There are a few ways you can know your expiration date:

  1. If you purchase the membership for yourself, then the invoice you pay online will have the membership dates on it. For example, a 6-Month membership would say Dec 2019-May 2020. Your final delivery would be in May of 2020.

  2. When your expiration month arrives, the monthly email will have a ***BOLD NOTICE*** at the very top of the email. It will explain how to renew the membership if you would like to continue deliveries.

  3. I keep a detailed record of every member and am always happy to answer questions. You can call, text, or email me (Marilyn) at the info below:

Call or Text: 509-528-1116


Frequently Asked Questions:

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