​May Flash Sale will be on Monday, May 24th

This monthly flash sale will feature a flavor from a past May, chosen by followers on

Instagram and Facebook!

The winner will be announced here and on

Instagram & Facebook.

• The Flash Sale begins at 8pm Monday, May 24th and there will be a link button added to this post just before 8pm. The sale will begin at the link at exactly 8:00pm.

• May Delivery for the flash sale will be on Thursday, May 27th

• Online payment will be included with ordering, so have your payment method ready. Options will be:

• 6 cupcakes for $18

• 12 cupcakes for $30

• Free delivery anywhere in the Tri-Cities included!

• This flash sale is first come, first serve and open to anyone who wants cupcakes that lives in the Tri-Cities: Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, and Burbank.

• There will be a limited quantity that I can bake and deliver, and once sold out, that will be it for this month’s flash sale. I’ll have another flash sale at the end of June!